Digital Decor Printing Beginner Course

Would you like to enter the world of digital decor printing? The beginner’s course offers a comprehensive technical introduction to the subject. Learn the basics of digital printing technology specifically tailored to the decor industry. This technical basic course is perfect for newcomers and offers important insights into the details of digital printing in theory and practice!
Course Details
DDP Beginner course DDP-BE-2501E
Start: January 20th, 2025
End: January 24th, 2025
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
End of the registration period
DDP-BE-2501E: December 9th , 2024
Duration and total hours of training
4.5 days on-site course
Approx. 30 hours course content
Additional practical exercises
Places are limited to allow for an optimal learning environment in small groups
Course price
Per participant: Euro 5.950 incl. food and drinks during course days, excl. diners and accommodation
DIPA members receive 20% discount
Trainer Team
Gabriele Kirchmeier Gabriele Kirchmeier
Steffen Steffen Orth
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The Digital Decor Printing Beginner Course is a 4.5-days professional training, which delivers basic knowledge for digital printing beginners in the decorative surface industry. Participants are going to learn from industry experts the basics about digital décor printing. The focus is on the whole production process of digital printing. Starting with creation of the digital image followed by the pre-press and color management process. Hands-on use of design software and repro software for data file management is also included.
Basic insights into the technology of digital printing machines and printing inks are given. To fulfill the whole picture the course offers more information about the possibilities of digital printing and printing material. Technical terms are explained in detail and also the context of the terms. 30 hours of training, in 4.5 days.
Take your first steps in the hands-on use of design and repro software. Join us to learn about the technical aspects of digital printing so you can make confident decisions and navigate the dynamic decorating landscape.

What is the Target Audience?

The “Digital Decor Printing Beginner” course is aimed at employees who want to develop their skills and work in the digital surface decoration industry, as well as employees who are already working in the decor industry and want to build up their knowledge of digital printing from the very beginning. It does not matter whether the participants are already working with analog printing technology or are newcomers to the printing production process. The focus of the course is on providing a basic knowledge of digital printing technology. The course is therefore suitable for anyone who will be working in digital printing in the future.
The course is suitable for employees who will set up and develop digital printing in the company. The entire digital printing environment is introduced, thus laying the foundations for holding discussions with experts and suppliers and enabling the implementation of initial processes.

Course content

Introduction in printing - basics of printing technology and ink jet
Basics of Prepress and decor creation
  • Workflow from design-to-print
  • Scanning, proofing, design development
  • Printing file preparation
  • Hands-on training design-to-print process
Basics of ink jet technology and printing ink
  • Machines, multi pass, single pass and functionalities of the machines
  • Print head functionality
  • Types of print head, different printhead technologies, print resolution
  • Drop creation, drop dynamics, drop size
  • Printing inks - Water based, UV inks, Primer, lacquer
  • Printing inks - Production of inks and pigments
Color management
  • Theory of colors
  • Workflow of color management
  • Colour management details, color spaces, RIP
  • Creation of profiles
  • Measurement devices
  • Dataflow - practical examples
  • First practical experience in color management
Substrates for ink jet printing
Quality management in ink jet
Application with ink jet printing
Market trends & date
Case study

Participants benefits

Compact course combining basic knowledge about ink jet printing, color management and the relevant processes of design data
Combination of theory and practical use of software solutions
Learn from leading digital surface decoration industry experts and get answers to your questions
Fast learning curve
Excellent networking opportunities
Learning experience in small groups (places are limited)
A participation certificate will be provided

Employer benefits

Obtained knowledge of employees can be applied immediately in projects and operations
Employees will learn from leading digital surface decoration industry experts
Relatively short period, where employees are off work