Your place to experience the future of industrial digital printing

Business is about talent – talent is curious and looking for a value-based environment, sustainable education and fun. We offer a challenging enviroment where it is fun to experience what industrial digital printing is all about, with certified quality based on the defined values of the DIPA Academy.

Who we are

We the DIPA Academy bring people together to share knowledge, exchange experiences and tackle the successful further development of industrial digital printing. Close cooperation with our shareholders, DIPA member companies, and independent experts ensures that our courses are continuously developed to the latest state of the art. Based on our values and certified quality we offer a challenging environment where it is fun to experience what industrial digital printing is. To this end, the DIPA Academy and the UAS Carinthia University of Applied Sciences plan to work together to provide top-class training with certified quality standards. The training certificate e.g. as a “Certified Digital Decor Printing Expert” (certified by the UAS Carinthia) underlines the value of the training, This is how we attract talent.

Why we created the Academy

We empower and inspire people to turn innovative ideas into sustainable and successful projects using industrial digital printing technology.
We share a passion for industrial digital printing and believe it’s a career worth pursuing.
We love people who want to develop their full potential and do our best to support them on their way.
Print brings color into people’s lives. That’s what we deeply care for and want to get the world excited about

We believe…

that it is essential to manage existing talent adequately and support their continuous growth
in industrial digital printing and support its wider use in various applications and a variety of different industries
that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, we are convinced that collaboration will bring us further, then walking alone
that well-trained personnel in digital printing can have a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste and saving resources.
that we are working in an exciting high-tech industry offering plenty of opportunities.
that successful digital business transformation requires motivated and highly skilled personnel.

How we make the difference

We bring people together who share knowledge, exchange experiences and are ready to tackle future challenges for the successful further development of industrial digital printing.

The close cooperation with our shareholders, the member companies of DIPA as well as industry experts ensures the continuous development of our courses on the latest state of the art.

This is how we support enterprises to attract talent, because talent is curious and seeks a value-based environment, sustainable education, and fun. We offer a challenging environment where it is fun to experience what industrial digital printing is, with certified quality based on defined values.

We are open to all companies, professionals and interested people and offer them to learn about the opportunities of industrial digital printing and invite them to contribute also with their knowledge and experience to create a network for successful investments.

DIPA Academy and Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (UAS Carinthia) are going to join forces to ensure certified quality standards. All training participants are planned to be extraordinary students of the UAS Carinthia for the training period and can generate ECTS-Points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). ECTS points are awarded for successfully completed training courses and can be used for later studies at a European university.

The cooperation with the University will be used to underline the value of the certification at the end of the training for example a “Certified Digital Decor Printing Expert” certified by UAS Carinthia.

Our values

Respectful collaboration

We collaborate respectfully, because we believe that it is key to any successful endeavor. Our formula: 1+1 = 3.


We stay curious, because it keeps us alive, and is essential for continuous personal and organizational development.

Responsibility and Accountability

We feel responsible for our actions and are fully accountable for them. We owe that to our stakeholders and the community we serve.


We care for the people and organizations we are working with to have meaningful and reliable relationships to be successful in what they do with the environment in mind.


We innovate in everything we do to address the needs of our students and enterprises we support. We invest in the discovery and development of new ways of delivering excellent education.

What we deliver

In 2024, the DIPA Academy is offering various courses, not just for digital decor printing.

Digital Decor Printing Expert Course
The Digital Decor Printing Expert Course (about 135 hours course spread across 3 months) is designed for press operators, production supervisors and employees related to print production. This course will contain on-site learning weeks, online learning sessions and live experience sessions to solidify theoretical knowledge obtained.
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Digital Decor Printing Compass Course
Our “Compass Training” (3,5-days compact on-site course) helps executives, project leaders and other decision makers who want to gain state-of-the-art knowledge of the Digital Decor Printing in short time by understanding opportunities in the Digital Decor Industry to generate new business and stay ahead of the competition.
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We have expanded the range of courses. Please visit the COURSES page for more information.

Further courses are being planned and developed: digital decor design, digital decor product management, digital decor quality assurance, sustainability and environmental protection.

We also intend to offer courses for other industries such as packaging (e.g. corrugated board), wallpaper and textiles.